Bell - Bootstrap 4 Multipurpose Template

Allows you to create a single end product for use, by you or your client, which end users are not charged for.

Looking for a HTML5 template with clean, modern design & having multipurpose usage? Which is equipped with state of the earth technologies like Bootstrap 4 and Syntactically Awesome Style Sheet (SASS)  language? Most importantly, which will assist you to create your site  with ease and comfort? Surely you’re in the right place! Today, here in Themewagon we’re adding an outstanding Free Bootstrap 4 Multipurpose Template  known as Bell. So, take a deep breath. Come with me. Let’s explore what  this multipurpose template has to offer us!

Some Cool Features & Technologies Used

Various features and modern technologies make this a template to get.  To start with, its slick, clean & minimal design along with SASS  based code makes it stronger both on the front and back end. Then,  Bootstrap 4 ensures responsiveness on every single display. Furthermore,  beautiful parallax effect runs throughout to soothe the view of anyone  visiting. Additionally, some other features like animated scrolling,  counter, on-hover effect, different necessary buttons (call to action,  ghost, back to top), a multi-level drop-down menu make this template  even more usable! 

 Free Bootstrap 4 Multipurpose Template

A Template with Bootstrap 4

You don’t have to be a tech geek or nerd to be familiar with the awesomeness of Bootstrap.  By far, it is the most used CSS framework to make sites responsive. And  who doesn’t know that every newcomer is always expected to be better  than it’s antecedent? Bootstrap 4 is the latest gift to the community.  Though it is still quite early to tell, Bootstrap’s reputation, reviews  and the hype it recently created surely indicates towards one thing.  Bootstrap 4 is going to dominate the scenario! And guess what, Bell’s  creator made the anticipation early. Bootstrap 4 Beta is the building  block of it. Still confused? Check the responsiveness here.

Multiple Sections Equipped Free Bootstrap 4 Multipurpose Template

Multiple sections of this one-page template are pretty useful too. The sticky navigation bar sticks all throughout the page for the sake of an easier navigation  experience. Sadly, the free version of Bell doesn’t include a working  contact form. But, you can smartly overcome the obstacle by using the social media icons. Their location is in the top right corner of the navigation bar. Then, the  portfolio & team section are there for your showcasing. Furthermore an animated counter and call to action section can also be useful. Lastly, use features section to display what special features you or your company offers.    

 Free Bootstrap 4 Multipurpose Template

Various Fields of Usage 

As mentioned earlier, this is a multipurpose template. With a minimal  or almost no effort, you can turn this into a beautiful website of your  own. Firstly, this one-page template has potential use as a startup  company an agency or as a business or factory web-page. Creation of a  real-estate or construction page is also possible with this Free  Bootstrap 4 Multipurpose Template. Furthermore, if you’re thinking of  creating a consulting or finance website, that is also possible!  Basically, it has the potential to become any one-page business website.  You just take care of the image, color, and texts of your website.  Everything else is already taken care of! 


And who did the taking care of those? BootstrapMade. It’s because of them you’re getting this wonderful template free of cost! Thanks to them. 

Key Features

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Ghost Button
  • On-hover Effect
  • SASS Based Code
  • Animated Counter
  • Smooth Animation
  • Social Media Icons
  • Back to Top Button
  • Multipurpose Usage
  • Ready Contact Form
  • Call to Action Button
  • Parallax Background
  • Multi-level Dropdown
  • Sticky Header Section
  • Slick & Modern Design
  • Easy to Use & Customize
  • Icons from FontAwesome
  • Featured Image on Header
  • Burger Menu (on Smaller Screen)
  • Slide-in Nav-bar (on Smaller Screen)